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The can of soda, loaded with 48 grams of sugar, that preceded a dinner of chicken tenders, fish sticks, and fries was a bad idea. So was the ice cream that followed even if was the slow-churned kind, half the fat and/or sugar is it? Blah. The overload of sugar and junk has left me feeling queasy and lethargic. I’ve deterred from meals that consist of me sticking something breaded with fries into the oven. Then there are those days when I’m tired and I don’t feel like cooking or sometimes even eating. Those days have popped up quite frequently this month. I’ve gone to bed without dinner on two or three of those occasions. I skipped eating full meals on several more, some fruit and a handful of some snack or other. And so I gave in today, one of the junkiest Safeway runs I’ve had in a long time. It was coming.

I like oldies.


After three weeks at home it’s that time again, time to head back to Davis. These few weeks in San Francisco have been filled with…Muni rides and trips downtown. Even Chinatown with my family, my mom, Nicole, and Chris. Separately. (To Julianne. You know, naps. Separately. Haha.)

I also haven’t spent this much time with my dad since…never. My dad was always the breadwinner of our family; my mom was the one that took care of us at home. Circumstances change. Changes I wouldn’t have ever imagined. Growing up you think your dad is invincible. So strong. I remember finally looking at my dad after that one summer, really looking at him. Read More