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First stop of the day, Shake Shack, like the In-N-Out of the East Coast.

ImageThe Shake Stack! Touted by many New Yorkers as one of their favorite burger joints.

ImageThis baby is a cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, and the special ShakeSauce topped with a ‘Shroom Burger. What’s a ‘Shroom Burger? It’s an oozy goodness of a cheese-filled fried Portobello mushroom. I’m not big on burgers, but this I would come back for mmmmm.

ImageMini burgers! Haha I mean, macarons. Coconut and pistachio. Yum, yum, yum.

Next up, banana pudding from Magnolia Bakery. While we were waiting in line outside (If there’s a line out the door, it must be good! Right?), we discovered there’s a Magnolia Bakery in California now too.

ImageImageIt’s a banana bread pudding done oh so very right. Just the way I like it, extra custardy.

It’s NYC and you have to try the street food. Of course we try another place that frequently has long lines. The Halal Guys, on 53rd and 6th. Don’t be fooled by the nearby copycats.


Not the most appealing picture, but this was scrumdiddlyumptious.

That’s it for day 2. I’m hungry!


NYC was delicious. Part of our planning included research on food. :D

Our first stop, Doughnut Plant on the Lower East Side.

ImageFeatured on The Best Thing I Ever Ate.

ImageCrème brûlée doughnut, with a caramelized shell and custard filling. Oh how I want to eat one of these right now.

ImagePistachio doughnut. A little too doughy for my tastes.

Next stop, Katz’s Delicatessen, a popular spot for locals and tourists. Also known for being the site for a particular scene in When Harry Met Sally, “I’ll have what she’s having.”

ImagePastrami sandwich, this was so good!

Yum more sweets. Eileen’s Special Cheesecake, included in many best cheesecakes in NYC lists. Bobby Flay was here!


ImageWe had the plain and mango mini cakes. Light and fluffy, yet creamy and smooth.

Kee’s Chocolate. Featured on The Best Thing I Ever Ate their crème brûlée bonbon.


ImageI also tried another popular item, the black sesame truffle, melt in your mouth goodness.

Last food stop of the day, Momofuku Noodle Bar, recommended by many for their pork buns.

ImageI wasn’t blown away; it’s over-hyped, not to say it wasn’t good. Come on now, pork belly on a soft white bun with hoisin sauce and scallions.

Also had the momofuku ramen, eh nothing to write home about. Your average ramen. My favorite part of this was the poached egg.


That concludes day one in food!