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So I’ve been slipping. Because I’ve been wallowing.  I’m embarrassed to say: for the past two weeks. And allowing myself to wallow, to an extent. Meaning, keeping my mind occupied with innocuous activities and being in a general disarray. I’ve read six books; I’m not a fast reader. But enough is enough. Besides, these kind of ruts equals me being super unproductive and not wanting  to do much of anything, even things I usually enjoy like shopping and eating. Ha. Then again I tend to be indolent when I can’t deal. Not a good idea with finals week around the corner.

Anyway! I’m trying and doing. Trying to shift my mindset back to focusing on the good things. I went home last weekend for Mother’s Day. Saturday I discovered that Target started carrying the Kindle. When I finally worked up the nerve to ask my mom for one she pretty much said yes immediately. I love my mom.  And my dad. Even though sometimes I dread going home, I’m always glad I do. Read More