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Three months ago I made a trip to Berkeley to spend the day with one of my favorite people. After lunch and a stop at CVS that we spent ogling nail polish, we made it to Crossroads, a second-hand clothing store. We weren’t looking to buy, but to sell.ย You can either get paid 35% in cash of what they will sell your item for or 50% in store credit. Given what I’ve seen on the racks, I was hoping they would take more of our items. I guess it depends on your luck.

I got this vintage whistle necklace with my mini black studded skirt and a buck or two. I like simple jewelry and I’ve grown quite fond of this necklace.

Part of the chain has discolored though. =[ So I gave it something new to hang on.

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Quick and dirty recap of my day: Dragged myself out of bed around 9:12 am. Made it to my 10-11:40 am class with a few minutes to spare. Scarfed down a granola bar on my way to volunteer from 12-2:30pm. Another quick bite and then class from 3-9pm. Lost wax casting class. It was awesome.

I was engrossed; I didn’t even stop to eat. Ok, what is lost wax casting? Well let me tell you, better yet watch this video here – this is the best and shortest one I could find. Lost wax casting is a process where a metal – gold, silver, copper, bronze, and etc, is cast from a mold made from a wax model. Going in with no experience, it was overwhelming at first. There’s all these terms, materials, and machines. Sprues, different waxes, gauges, mixing investment, soldering, the vacuum machine, the kiln, the centrifugal casting machine…wahhh. Read More