Sometimes life feels like a never ending to-do list. It’s my own doing, making life feel that way. Then every task becomes a drag. Another thing to check off my list. My need to feel productive only validated by a list that’s been thoroughly slashed through. Thank goodness it is the weekend! Time to chill out.




How appropriate. From a souvenir shop, Grand Slam, in Times Square NYC on 1557 Broadway. I took this the first night we were in Times Square. We tried to find it again the next night we were there, but we couldn’t; I didn’t have the addressed shopping bag with me like I do now. Cheapest souvenir shop we found in NYC. If you’re into the postcards, t-shirts, mugs, shot glasses, key chains, and other knick-knacks kind of thing, then get them here!

I had a dream that the exterior walls of my apartment were getting a power wash (My apartment has been nifting up the exteriors. Painting, banging, power washing, radio blasting, and singing included.) and as the water rained on the wall of my room, it began to leak. You know that spot where the ceiling meets the wall? Right there. All along the wall. I turned over in my bed to look, “What in the world?” Then I guess I was moving stuff out of the way. I don’t know what happened next. If I woke up, turned over, and went back to sleep or if…who knows. Dreams.

Anyway, I like quotes. I like this quote. I need to learn how to dance in the rain. Wait, I need to learn how to dance first. Oh boy. Sorry, I haven’t been updating. I’ve been sorely lacking motivation to say the least. Recipes to come! I’ve got a hankering for cookies and cream puffs.

Hallelujah! The bad day, May 15, 2012, is over. Already things are turning up. Other WordPress post writing box thing that doesn’t super lag on me like the main one does for some odd reason. It is crazy, infuriatingly, slow. Now with one of the reasons that discourages me from posting remedied, maybe I’ll blog more.

So yesterday started out normally until I went to get my bike; it wasn’t there. I did a double-take, still not where I left it. I thought to myself, “Am I that blind? Please let me be.” Looked all around where I parked. No, no, not there. Here I drop a select word. I already thought my cold medicine had been making me all wonky, is it messing with my memory now too? β€”β€” In the past week almost every time I go up a flight a stairs, somewhere along the way I overstep, but not quite enough to make it over two steps at once. One and a half steps steps = a lot of potential fall down the stairs moments. Read More