Bread Pudding – Croissants

This didn’t turn out the way I wanted it too. Too much bread and not enough pudding. I’m not surprised though because it seemed that way as I added the croissants to the egg and milk mixture. Not that it wasn’t any good, my housemate happily had seconds. Can’t beat a warm flakey crust!

This was also the first time I tried a water bath. I don’t know if that actually made any difference…

The recipe is similar to bread pudding recipes that use french bread. I’ll tweak the recipe next time and hopefully I will have better luck. Inspired by the bread pudding I had at Chaya’s happy hour.

  1. damaged said:

    They look tasty! I really like the first two photographs :]

      • damaged said:

        No need to thank….but you can send a piece over =D

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