Nuh Uh

Hallelujah! The bad day, May 15, 2012, is over. Already things are turning up. Other WordPress post writing box thing that doesn’t super lag on me like the main one does for some odd reason. It is crazy, infuriatingly, slow. Now with one of the reasons that discourages me from posting remedied, maybe I’ll blog more.

So yesterday started out normally until I went to get my bike; it wasn’t there. I did a double-take, still not where I left it. I thought to myself, “Am I that blind? Please let me be.” Looked all around where I parked. No, no, not there. Here I drop a select word. I already thought my cold medicine had been making me all wonky, is it messing with my memory now too? —— In the past week almost every time I go up a flight a stairs, somewhere along the way I overstep, but not quite enough to make it over two steps at once. One and a half steps steps = a lot of potential fall down the stairs moments. Adding on to being sick and drugged, finals, stress, anxiety, and insomnia. A nerve frazzling combination. —— Can’t be. I specifically remember (and later confirmed with my friend) that I had biked back to my apartment some previous day because when I got home I checked my phone. My friend had texted me around the time I left campus on my bike asking me if I was still on campus; she wanted to grab dinner. I told her, “If only you had texted me five minutes earlier…” My bike! In my distress, I got on the wrong bus and ended up on the other end of campus and so I was late to volunteering.

Then there was more. I should mention that I’m catching a red eye to NEW YORK CITY this Friday. After NYC I’ll be spending a few days in LA and Orange County. So that was the plan and hopefully is still the plan. If my trip doesn’t get cut short because…there could be a change in my schedule. I would say bad things come in three, but where do I start? Today? Last week? Last month? Nuh uh, I welcome the good.

Good news in the grades department. I’m almost fully recovered. I can sleep well. Almost Friday. First new recipe in a while, red bean coconut pudding, turned out well. Recipe post on that to come. Also to come posts more interesting than this one? Flameworking. Pictures. Food. NYC! LA! OC!

Don’t forget the good things. And people. :)

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  1. Don’t forget the good things. And people. :)

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