Sugar Cravings

Spotted this nestled amongst the array of Häagen Dazs goodness. Needless to say, I could not say no to a new flavor or crème brûlée. This baby was given no chance to accrue freezer burn.

Also new. Delicious too. A little goes a long way; I still have half of this left after eating a whole bag of mini blueberry bagels and a few slices of whole wheat toast. I’m tempted to use the rest in a cream pie…

Healthy sugar…? I haven’t been eating enough fruits. So I bought a giant bag of frozen fruit (blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries) to whip up some smoothies. Ingredients consisted of vanilla soy milk, coconut Greek yogurt, half a banana, and the three berries. (My smoothie post.)

Lime jello with Mandarin oranges. Just the way I like it: easy.

Gummi worms. Yum.

*Note:  Items may have been shared and were consumed over a 2 month period. :P

  1. Tina Ginger said:

    Those green jello and mandarins look so fun to eat!!!! I miss you <3

  2. Granny said:

    I WANT!!!! Ugh now I’ll have to go and get some of that creme brûlée flavored ice cream and jello with mandarin oranges..thanks a lot lol. Your posts make food hard to resist!

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