I guess I’m a little late to jump on the self-reflecting post’s bandwagon brought on by the end of another year. Maybe even late for new year’s resolutions. Oh well, I’m constantly reflecting and resolving.

I went back home to San Francisco last month and stayed for three weeks. It made me feel 18 again; I’m 23; I’ll be 24 this year. It’s weird. To think that more than five years has passed, that so much has changed. Yet it’s so easy to slip back into another time. Feels like another life. Three weeks of not having to cook and pretty much not having to clean. No thinking about what to make for dinner, about that broccoli I have to eat before it goes bad, or about cleaning the toilet. It’s not just that though. It’s being in a different mindset, seeing things differently. I worry more about my parents. It’s having more years of memories. Memories that aren’t such a struggle to remember like those of our childhood. It’s having gained more life experiences, new pains and new joys. And such…

I’ve watch this at least ten times. She’s so adorable! Dad and daughter make a good comedic team.

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  1. Tina Ginger said:

    I wish I were still 18…. or 19… Would’ve changed so much. ONE, probably manage my time better… haha.

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