Vintage Remade

Three months ago I made a trip to Berkeley to spend the day with one of my favorite people. After lunch and a stop at CVS that we spent ogling nail polish, we made it to Crossroads, a second-hand clothing store. We weren’t looking to buy, but to sell. You can either get paid 35% in cash of what they will sell your item for or 50% in store credit. Given what I’ve seen on the racks, I was hoping they would take more of our items. I guess it depends on your luck.

I got this vintage whistle necklace with my mini black studded skirt and a buck or two. I like simple jewelry and I’ve grown quite fond of this necklace.

Part of the chain has discolored though. =[ So I gave it something new to hang on.

No gold chain lying around, but had some suede string in my craft box. Digging through my stuff, I also found this sliced up seashell key chain my friend got me as a souvenir and decided to make it into a necklace. Suede isn’t my thing, hoping it will grow on me.


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