Sipping on this fruit smoothie, I pondered what to write about in my next post. I thought “Well, hey I haven’t had any food posts in a while…”

Smoothies. They’re quick and easy, right up my alley. Don’t feel like eating that last cup of yogurt? Have some bananas around? (Tina. :D) That’s usually when I’ll grab a chair to get my blender off the highest shelf.

For things to go more smoothly, I like to start off with a liquid base. You can use any kind of juice. I like to use soy milk. Then you can add your softer ingredients, yogurt or chop up some fresh fruit. Next the hard stuff, frozen fruits and ice. If you want to get even more bang out of your smoothie you can add powdered nutrients, like whey powder or ground flax seed. Now you can blend away!

If you don’t have a tech-ed out blender like me, the blades might be making a racket while your mixture is at a standstill. D: In that case, just turn off your blender, use a spoon to mix things around, and try again.

The nice thing about smoothies is that it’s not an exact science. You can adjust things according to how smooth, runny, or chunky you want your smoothie.

Here’s an approximation of what I used for my smoothie.

1. 1/2 cup organic soymilk
2. 1 container strawberry yogurt
3. 1 kiwi, halved
4. 1/3 cup frozen strawberries
5. 1/2 frozen banana, sliced

There you have it! Have fruit that’s ripening faster than you can eat them? Freeze it for a smoothie!

  1. Tina Ginger said:

    BA-NANAS! groooooss…!!!! <3

  2. Tina Ginger said:

    Ryan Gosling.

  3. Chirmmering! aka Monkey.. said:

    Smoooooth move ;D

    Mmmmm….why not have more fun and use a mortar+pestle?^^

    I’ve never heard this song…EVER.

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