We Met Up on the Dancefloor

What kind of music do you like? Nowadays the typical answer is something along the lines of, “A little bit of everything. Except country.” Hmmm, that may be so, BUT the question is: what kind of music do you really like? Music you’ll play by choice and listen to on repeat, your favorites. Not just music you’ll tolerate if it’s on the radio. What will it be?

Serve me some mainstream pop, rock, R&B, and hip hop, a heap of indie rock, indie pop, and indie folk, a dollop of alternative rock,ย  and a scoop of oldies. I also like ballads on the side. And I’ll be happy.

I have this on repeat right now.

I hope that someone is actually listening to the music I post. Haha. Recommendations are welcome too. :)

  1. jules said:

    i totally can’t tolerate radio music lately! and i’ve actually been appreciating a little bit of country/folksy influence in my songs :) check out two M. Ward favourites of mine:

    1. Chinese Translation – i love the chinese influence in the melody & how it still manages to sound pretty…americana?
    2. Shangri-La – check out the cover by sophie madeleine and justin saltmeris :)

    • Anna said:

      Me too!!! The whole summer I probably only added 2 or 3 radio songs to my collection, but I’ll listen to some older mainstream hits. Yay new music! I like it! :D

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