Running For Cover

New apartment. New housemates. Missing furniture. Bags and boxes of things yet to be unpacked. Conflicts with accommodating everyone’s wants and habits. Quiet nights.

I’m left contemplating about years past.

2007 – Backpacking at Big Basin. Hiking in the rain until water soaked through our waterproof gear and one of our tents. Eight people packed like sardines into one tent the first night, it was unbearably humid and warm.

2008 – The two people who have gotten through to me like no one else, that know me like no other. We’re forever changed.

2009 – The bliss and contentment before things turned indubitably sour.

2010 – Trip to SoCal spent meandering with two of my favs.

If I could turn back time, I would.

  1. Tina Ginger said:

    FUNNY. June moved in Davis the other day and yesterday, she called. All evening, I was feeling nostalgic and sad and wished I hadn’t left college just yet. There are so many things I feel like I’ve missed out…. (well, but not really), I just wish things didn’t turn out the way they are. :””-(

    HOOLD ME!!!! At least we still have us! clubbing… clubbing… clubbing… my body has been aching to club.

    • Anna said:

      Come here and I will give you an Anna version of a bear hug haha!

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