Take It Easy

The past month has been…stressful. Knowing me, I’m not going to go into it. But! Things are settling down. Being sick has its benefits, what an odd thing to say. For one, it’s forced me to chill out, calm down and to stop, rest. It’s been a little over a week since I moved to my new place. The night before I moved I stayed up packing until 4-5am (Last minute change of plans due to conflicting schedules and blah, I was moving a day earlier, one less day to pack.). Woke up at 8am and started moving. My mom and I did most of the moving while my dad took apart my bed, desk, and door. Yeah, my “room” didn’t have a door, so my dad made me one. :) Between loading, unloading, and driving back and forth between apartments, we finished around 1pm. My mom and I also helped my two housemates with one round of moving each, finished around 3:30. My parents left me to unpack with, “Unpack slowly. You don’t have to do it all at once.” Heh, I waved my white flag around midnight when I could barely lift my arms. I went to sleep with my arms in bearable pain only to wake up in the middle of night in unbearable pain. I dug through my last couple of boxes for some aspirin. It was pretty sad. And really cold. I crawled back in bed shivering and waited for the drugs to kick in. It was a long hour. I think I pulled a nerve, or several…next day woke up for classes, came back did some more unpacking and cleaning. The following day, I got sick, stayed-in-bed-all-day sick. D: I asked for it.

I’m still waiting on a desk, wardrobe, and TV stand. We also don’t have internet yet. :O Oh well, my limited DVD collection has served me well. :)


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