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Some of my clothes that are going up on eBay. Come on, sell!

I find myself cleaning my closet every few months. I like to tell myself it’s mostly because I like keeping things neat. Partially…ehh I have a lot of clothes and a small closet. Ha, I am spoiled when it comes to clothes. BUT anyone that’s been shopping with me knows I snag some crazy good deals. It’s comforting to have some justification.

It’s hard to let go. Then it gets ridiculous. Ridiculous is here; I’m ready to say goodbye.

  1. Tina Ginger said:

    Haha– that’s AWESOME. So much stuff!

    • Anna said:

      I can’t wait to see you!

  2. Hello Anna! Lots of clothes there ;)

  3. cici chen said:

    OMGGGG i luv the purple one!!! so attempted to buy new clothes now! always luv ur collections! <3

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