Lost wax casting continued! First flask casted in sterling silver. I must say using the centrifugal casting machine was the most intimidating of the whole process. Goggles, gloves, and a gas and oxygen powered torch, I’ll try to get pictures next time. What my rings look like after minimal work has been done. Rings from left to right: Abstract design, leaf, my name in Morse code, and my initial. Sawed off the sprues that connected the models to the base. Washed off the investment in a sonic cleaner. Followed by a 5 minute dip in a pickle solution. Then cleaned with a brass brush and soap.

I used these silver colored beads thinking they would melt in the kiln. They didn’t, sturdy little suckers.

So I invested this flask for nothing. I used the beads in one model.

I tossed it. $3 of investment wasted. :(

After some more work, more detailed sawing, filing, hammering, and polishing – takes time! Different steps and procedures depending on how you want your finish. I did a higher shine for the one on the left. The one on the right I used a patina to darken some parts. I’m only keeping these two rings. I would remelt the bottom one if it weren’t for those beads stuck in there.

My finished ring compared with the base and sprues that I didn’t do any work on. Much learned from this first round. Round 2 here I come!

  1. Tiff said:

    OMG this is amazing!! the rings look marvelous and so professional! i would definitely pay for that!

  2. Rex Ryan said:

    WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share..more wait .. …

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