Let’s Have Bizarre Celebrations

After a month with my new phone, I’ve finally gotten around to harvesting pictures from my old phone.

Haha. From left to right, oldest to newest phone. Looks wise, my new phone feels like a downgrade. I like it though, better camera, wi-fi, and back doesn’t scratch so easily like my old phone. Whoop. Uploading pictures from my old phone made me realize I haven’t in almost 5 months. Given that these days we have the luxury of snapping as many photos as we please, I have a random and junky batch of pictures. Instead of a written journal I have a photo journal of sorts. Woo! Here’s a peek.

Uncle Vito’s, downtown Davis, January 3rd. Dinner with a friend. Uncle Vito’s garlic fries are a must.ย  Oh so good, but oh so oily.

Urban Outfitters, downtown SF, January 16th. One of the first of many shopping trips with Julianne. I miss you! This was from a book of real notes. If I was sad and got this note…

You know how some girls and boys nowadays take pictures of themselves? Whether they post hoards of it online, use it to change their profile picture excessively, or only share a few or none. I must confess, sometimes I take a picture of my outfit. I think I got the idea of outfit snapshooting from Chictopia. This be the first and only one I’ve shared, heh.

Home, South Davis, January 22nd, Saturday after a trip to the farmer’s market. Yes, I would cut off my face (Not cropped out, but taken that way.). H&M mustard yellow cardigan, Forever21 navy high-waisted shorts, and American Eagle gray tights. =]

Safeway, South Davis, February 14th minus 2 days. Life in Davis consists of many trips to Safeway. Gotta eat and eating in is cheaper than eating out.

Woodland outside Grocery Outlet, February 26th. M&M ice cream bar. For 50 cents we couldn’t resist.

Safeway, South Davis, March 5th. Stocking up on more food and supplies for our hot-pot get together. Safeway, Ranch 99, and Kim’s Mart. All together racked a bill close to $200. :O

Townhouse, South Davis, March 9th. ELF makeup haul! $42 total split among a house of 5 girls, not so bad.

Pinkberry, Davis Commons, March 14th. Re-hooked on frozen yogurt. Pinkberry trips only with a BOGO 50% coupon.

Yoloberry Yogurt, Davis, March 17th. This is the unhealthiest froyo I’ve ever gotten because I had a free froyo coupon I indulged with junky toppings. Yeah!

UCD ARC, March 26th, biking my friend home to West Davis. On separate bikes haha.

My room, March 30th. Behold my fort! Or you know, air drying my air-dry-only blanket.

Allegre parking lot,ย  April Fools. Ice cream tru…van! Pop Goes the Weasel music and all.

Sacramento, April 12th. Racing to the scene of the accident by…horse! Yes, I got a kick out of that.

Olson Hall, UCD, April 15th. Do you see?


  1. Monkey xP said:

    Haha, ducks~

    I loved the pics and story that went along with them! Made me feel like I missed out on so much =[ THe way you’ve written it reminds me of smthing……a survivor’s story/scrapbook. Memoriesssssss. Btw, all your phones look awesome! (Samsung , anyone? hehe)

    You know what you should do with your pix? I’ve heard that amateur photography is going high and the market is valuable. I was planning on doing this too: You should sell some of your pix that you think can be bought. Pros are getting ticked bcuz of this.. *shrugs* There are different online platforms which are free…

    • Anna said:

      Yay! Happy you like. =P Yes, memories!

      Really? Like where? How did you hear about it? I think with the right camera and with the help of being able to take so many pictures everyone is bound to have some good ones, right?

      • Monkey xP said:

        Oh man!! I’m not getting notices that you reply to me D= Oh man, I’ve prob missed a couple of your replies>.<

        Google it =D There are different places…I was going to check stockphotos. ANd yes, you're completely right! And it can go with the "one man's trash is another's treasure" concept. =]

  2. jules said:

    SO MANY MEMORIES! i was there when you took most of these shots! gosh that m&m bar. and the hot cheetos! love that outfit by the way, think it’s my favourite one of yours.

    every time i write a comment/message for you, i feel the need to tell you that i miss you guys a whole lot :(

    • Anna said:

      Mmm hot cheetos! :) Hehe not very often that I dress up-ish.

      Me too, me too. :(

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