Jump Around

I give up.

Ok, not quite. I started this blog with the goal of it being cohesive. Focused. Like the intro/learning wordpress.com thing advised. Yeahhh, not happening. I can’t focus on one thing. I need variety! Take my many brief stints in some hobby for example. Origami, beading, making jewelry, the piano, singing, drawing, painting, photography, and sewing to name some that rarely get any play. Well in a long line of distractions and money eaters, I’m left being particularly good at nothing. So I get discouraged. If you count shopping, then I’m a pretty good shopper. Sales, tiered discounts, free gifts, free samples, and mystery shopping rating: 8.5/10. (:

Writing wise, I wanted to be more or less grammatically correct. But I quite like writing in fragments and starting my sentences with conjunctions. Among other things.

I’m expanding before I even zeroed into my main focus. I had one, blurry as it was. Even so, I’ll finish with it.

Third new recipe of the month.

Can you guess what?


American macaroons.

You know I had to make it chocolate covered macaroons.

  1. Monkey xP said:

    Man that looks so good! What are they….Looks like you used coconut, yes?

    You can do it, ducky! By finishing this up you’re only supporting your distractions and your lack of regiment (tho I feel you had it before). Work on it, I say.

  2. jules said:

    looks awesome!! share the recipe, please?

    slow and steady. i’m super prone to distractions too (prime example: my room which hasn’t been purged of hoarded stuff for years!) but keeping a blog helps me keep track of stuff and feel more grounded, even if I’m just writing about whatever, you know? hope all’s well at home and at school! did you work out plans for the summer yet? is it officially summer already?

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