I’ll Try and Deliver

So I’ve been slipping. Because I’ve been wallowing.  I’m embarrassed to say: for the past two weeks. And allowing myself to wallow, to an extent. Meaning, keeping my mind occupied with innocuous activities and being in a general disarray. I’ve read six books; I’m not a fast reader. But enough is enough. Besides, these kind of ruts equals me being super unproductive and not wanting  to do much of anything, even things I usually enjoy like shopping and eating. Ha. Then again I tend to be indolent when I can’t deal. Not a good idea with finals week around the corner.

Anyway! I’m trying and doing. Trying to shift my mindset back to focusing on the good things. I went home last weekend for Mother’s Day. Saturday I discovered that Target started carrying the Kindle. When I finally worked up the nerve to ask my mom for one she pretty much said yes immediately. I love my mom.  And my dad. Even though sometimes I dread going home, I’m always glad I do.

Doing. This blog. Eating. Sleeping. Yeah. I finally did my class presentation on Monday; there’s no assigned time slot.  Boy, was I nervous and shaky. I finally listed items to sell on Ebay. It takes longer than you would think, to do it well. I had to clear my lounging area to make room for my mannequin. Multiple angles per item, pictures galore.

Uploading pictures to Photobucket and then coding into Ebay. Descriptions and details. Hours. The kicker, I’ll be lucky if I sell a third of the things I list. I’m not even done yet.

  1. jules said:

    hope you get out of the rut soon! same problem here, though i’m beginning to get a move on too. what you wrote about your parents was so sweet. kindle buds! did you get it already? when i read your entries i kinda almost hear it being spoken in your voice — is that weird? i miss you, can you tell?

    and where did that mannequin come from? :o has that been living in the apartment the whole time? SO MANY QUESTIONS!!

    • Anna said:

      Aww thanks! Yeah, I bought the Kindle at Target. Any good books to throw my way?? =D Not weird at all! Actually kind of cool because I can’t do that with anyone, poo. I miss you too! There have been times when I wanted to txt you, only to realize I can’t. =[

      Meet Monroe. Nope, she was previously stashed away in my garage at home in SF. Ask away!

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