See You Again

It seems like just yesterday that two of my housemates and I squeezed ourselves into this photo booth. When in reality one of them left yesterday morning. Julianne, I’ll forever remember the scene of watching  you leave on the airport shuttle as we stood outside our apartment on a drizzly morning. I turned to my left to see Nicole and Lily crying. Me, I felt as if I was dreaming. It didn’t quite sink in until one by one everyone left the house for class and I was alone. For once the house felt empty, leaving me in no mood for the trek home. I know we’ll meet again someday, whether in Singapore or back here in San Francisco.

That doesn’t stop me from wishing you were still here though.


  1. jules said:

    OMG :(( so surprised to see two updates on this blog, and so heartbreaking to think that four months have passed and i’ve crossed thousands of miles..only to leave my heart in a cosy davis apartment on the other side of the world :(

    • Anna said:

      Awww at least we still have the internet…

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