I Kid.

Hello! My name is Anna. I live in like California and I love to shop. Hehe. Follow me and watch me write good. *twirls hair*

Ha. Crossing my eyes, one thing I learned away from home.

Ok, no really now. I am finally churning out my first post! So I’ve been trying new recipes. My goal is to try at least 4 new recipes each month. Here are some from within the past week.

Peanut butter cream pie, an early birthday surprise for my housemate. Yay!

The pie.

The chocolate ganache.

Chocolaty goodness.

Coconut chicken cutlets, a Rachel Ray recipe.

Baked pasta.

Chocolate tofu pudding.

More to come, recipes and other mumbo jumbo. Weeeeee.

  1. Monkey xP said:

    WOW! Nice site and blog! Oh man, it all looks so beautiful D= The chocolaty goodness is dripping with amazingness……………….. I don’t like the tofu tho. xP (How did the coconut chicken taste? oO)

    Nice photo btw – so pertiful, the cross eyes work nicely. You’re working the blonde well, go girl *snaps fingers* haha

    • Anna said:

      Thanks. :) You don’t like tofu? The coconut chicken was actually pretty good.

      Aww thanks. Picture is from last year though heh.

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