Insomnia strikes again. My night table. Left to right, top to bottom: tissue, lotion, itouch in speaker dock, pretty gift book from friend, journal, kindle, lamp set on a potpourri filled vase, coaster, glass of water, empty bowl, and hair brush. I dunno why I listed the items in this dimly lit picture. Haha, oh sleep deprivation. 

Am I being dramatic? I’m not trying to be nor is it my intention. Just trying to…live life lighter. Somewhere along the line I went from happy-go-lucky duck to incessant worry wart. Yum.

I don’t know how long it will take to kick bad habits, but I have to keep trying. The rub, part of me doesn’t want to. There I admitted it. Wallow, wallow, wallow. Sigh anyway, I can either chose to (cliché alert) move forward or stay in this slump. I chose option C, hide under a rock. Ok, kidding. Hide in bed. :P

Last year I jumped on the New Year’s resoltution bandwagon. Not the one with the overreaching and overwhelming goals, but realistic ones…maybe? Like learn how to park (check) and have a better sleeping schedule (kaboom, bust). Probably would have helped if I wrote it down. Lists help me. So for 2014…dun dun dun

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Happiness is not an easy feat. A sliver of wisdom from past Anna (me haha!) that I had forgotten about.

Be happy now, not some day in the future when you achieve one goal or another. Not to say you shouldn’t strive for more. If you’re always looking to the future for your happiness, will it ever be in the present? Read More


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